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Can I Still Receive Workers' Comp Benefits on Vacation?

Every worker in Kentucky and across the country deserves a vacation at some point each year – including injured employees. In fact, if an injured worker wants to take a trip with loved ones, he/she may still receive workers’ compensation benefits. 

While it is important to enjoy life while you are recovering from injury, you must take to protect your workers’ comp coverage through careful scheduling, planning, and mindfulness. There are certain missteps that can result in losing your benefits. 

The following are certain steps you must take to avoid losing workers’ comp benefits while on vacation: 

  • Do not miss or reschedule any medical appointments – You must keep all your scheduled appointments with your doctor and other healthcare providers treating your injury. Insurance companies want to make sure you are following your treatment plan. Even rescheduling an appointment because you are taking a trip can put your benefits at risk. 

  • Follow your doctor’s orders – Your doctor may tell you to avoid certain activities that could prolong the recovery process or reaggravate your injury. Not only may you have to avoid risky recreational activities such as water skiing or zip-lining, but you may also have to avoid potential reinjury while traveling. For example, carrying heavy luggage or being seated for a long period of time can lead to reinjury. 

  • Be mindful you might be under surveillance – Insurance companies typically hire investigators to watch injured workers to ensure they are not going against the doctor’s orders. If an investigator finds any evidence that shows that you are participating in risky activities or your injury does not appear to be as serious as you claim, the insurer may stop your benefits. Additionally, be careful what you post on social media since your insurer may view any photos or videos you share, especially if your account is public. 

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