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Why You Should Never Say Sorry After a Car Accident

A car accident can be a scary, frustrating, and confusing situation. It is not uncommon to feel disoriented or shaken in the aftermath of a crash, which is why many people feel the need to apologize – even if they did not cause the collision. 

Why you may think that saying sorry shows concern or sympathy toward another person, this simple gesture can ruin your chances of obtaining fair compensation. It is important to understand that you should never apologize following a car accident. 

Here are several reasons why you should never say sorry after a collision: 

  • Saying sorry can be construed as admitting fault – Apologizing can be viewed as taking the blame for the accident. If you tell the police, the officer at the scene will record the statement in the crash report as a verifiable apology.  

  • You do not have all the facts immediately available – Even if you believe you were at fault for causing the crash or you could’ve done something to prevent it, you do not want to complicate your case by apologizing. Perhaps a thorough investigation may determine that the other driver was actually at fault for violating traffic or criminal law or even driving negligently. So, do not jump to conclusions so soon. 

  • Insurance carriers will use your apology against you – Lastly, insurance companies can use your apology to gain leverage in claim negotiations, whether it's to reduce your settlement or deny your claim altogether. Remember, insurers are businesses that prioritize protecting their own bottom lines, rather than protecting the best interests of their customers. 

Rather than apologizing, ask the other drivers if they are injured and need immediate medical attention. This way, you can show how concerned you are about their health without saying anything that can be mistakenly viewed as admitting fault. 

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