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If I Get Hurt During My Commute, Do I Still Qualify for Workers' Comp in KY?

If you suffered an injury while performing your job duties in Kentucky, you are qualified for workers’ compensation. But what happens if get hurt on your way to work in the morning or while you were returning home for the evening? 

According to the “coming and going rule” in Kentucky's workers’ comp law, injuries that occur when an employee is traveling to and from work are not covered. However, there are several exceptions to this rule. 

Common exceptions to the coming and going rule include: 

  • You suffered an injury on company grounds – If you are injured while on the employer’s operating premises, either while parking your car in the company lot or walking on the sidewalk to your office, then you would still be eligible for workers’ comp benefits.  

  • You were performing a “special mission” – Whether you were tasked to get coffee for the office before coming into work or asked by your boss to drop off a package on your way out, these are considered special missions are extra tasks for the benefit of your employer. 

  • Traveling is a main part of your job – If you are a commercial truck driver, a bus driver, a pilot, or even a police officer, traveling is a normal part of your work duty. If you are injured while operating a company vehicle, rather than a personal vehicle, you can still receive workers’ comp benefits. 

Workers’ compensation cases can be quite complex, especially if the coming and going rule comes into play. If any of the exceptions apply to your injury, let an experienced workers’ comp attorney help you obtain the benefits necessary to make the best possible recovery. 

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