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Reasons Insurance Companies Deny Injury Claims

An insurance company may deny a personal injury claim for many reasons, ranging from those based on legitimate concerns to bad faith practices on behalf of the insurer. Our Louisville personal injury attorneys explain some of the most common reasons insurance companies deny injury claims in Kentucky.

Common Reasons a Personal Injury Claim Is Denied

When you file a personal injury claim, an insurance company is generally responsible for paying out any compensation that is owed to you as the injured party. This compensation generally funds your accident-related medical bills, property damage repair costs, lost wages from missed work, and pain and suffering.

Personal injury claims can be expensive to pay out, and insurance companies have to look out for their bottom line as for-profit businesses. Therefore, if your claim is done incorrectly, or if the insurance company has any reason to believe your injuries have been faked or exaggerated, they may refuse to pay out your claim.

Some of the most common reasons insurance companies refuse to pay out claims include:

  • You didn’t seek medical treatment soon enough or at all.
  • You have a preexisting condition or injury that the insurance company claims wasn’t caused by your accident.
  • Your behavior after the accident caused your injury to become worse. For example, you saw a doctor about neck pain but ignored their treatment orders, causing you to require further treatment (and incur more medical bills) that shouldn’t have been necessary.
  • Your claim may have been filed incorrectly or been incomplete.
  • Your injury is excluded from your insurance policy. Exclusions are often hidden in a policy’s fine print, and certain ones may even be illegal, allowing you to take legal action.
  • Your insurance coverage has lapsed or expired.
  • Your medical records are missing or incomplete.

If your claim was denied for one of the above reasons, we may be able to help. Our firm is also happy to assist with your claim from the beginning to ensure everything is done correctly and on time.

Insurance Bad Faith Practices

There is another reason an insurance company may deny your claim—bad faith. Bad faith refers to insurance company practices that completely disregard the well-being of their client. In such cases, an insurer has no legitimate reason to deny your claim, yet they do so anyway in the hopes that you just drop the claim altogether. However, such behavior is unacceptable—we can help you fight back.

Examples of insurance bad faith include:

  • The insurance company denies your claim but does not provide a reason why.
  • The insurance company refuses to conduct an investigation into your claim.
  • The insurance company offers substantially less money to settle than the true value of your claim.
  • The insurance company tries to change or cancel your policy after the claim has been filed.
  • You try to get in touch with the insurance company about your claim, but they don’t answer or return your calls.

If your legitimate personal injury claim has been denied by an insurance company for any reason, we are here for you. Contact our Louisville personal injury team to schedule your free consultation.