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Where Do Most Car Accidents Happen?

A car accident can happen at any time and location, yet there are certain areas where crashes are more likely to occur. Our Louisville car accident lawyers share the most common places car accidents happen so you can best prepare yourself while on the road.

Is It True Most Car Accidents Happen Close to Home?

Yes, this is true. Studies suggest that more than 50% of all car crashes occur within five miles of a person’s home.

Why? There are likely a few reasons. For instance, people tend to let their guard down the closer they are to home, which may cause them to become easily distracted and make dangerous decisions. Also, your brain tends to go into autopilot when you are in a familiar situation, so if a pedestrian suddenly crosses the street in front of you while you’re driving down your street, it will probably take you longer to react. Another reason may simply be that you are more likely to drive near your home since that’s where you keep your vehicle.

Other common locations where car accidents tend to occur include:

  • Parking lots
  • Rural roads
  • Intersections

Where Do Most Fatal Car Accidents Occur?

Unfortunately, most fatal car accidents happen within 25 miles of the victim’s home. In fact, aside from parking lots, where minor crashes are more likely, rural roads and intersections tend to be regular locales of fatal crashes as well.

Rural roads are dangerous because you can drive for miles without seeing another vehicle, making it difficult to get help in time if you crash your vehicle while driving alone. Rural roads may also be poorly maintained, have little to no lighting, and act as crossings for wild animals. Plus, when some motorists see an open stretch of road, they feel the urge to drive fast. These factors combined make rural roads one of the most dangerous places for drivers in Kentucky.

Around 15% of all fatal motor vehicle accidents occur at intersections. Intersections are such a common site of fatal crashes because so many cars converge at once. This can become overwhelming and confusing, especially if the intersection is improperly marked or motorists disobey traffic signs. T-bone crashes, which tend to cause serious injuries like whiplash, broken bones, and head trauma, are common at intersections as well.

When Do Most Car Accidents Happen?

Most car accidents take place between the hours of 6 pm and 6 am. This is because the road becomes a lot more dangerous after the sun goes down and while rush hour is still in full swing in large cities. Visibility is reduced, motorists are tired, and people are more likely to get behind the wheel while drunk after dark.

We hope that these tips will help you to better protect yourself from being involved in a Kentucky car crash. Though you should always drive defensively, exercise extra caution when passing through residential neighborhoods, rural areas, parking lots, and intersections, especially after dark. Stay safe!

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