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Why You Should Hire a Local Law Firm

Something that we pride ourselves on here at Walker Wallace Law is being local. We are located right in the heart of the south end of Louisville, KY. There are many benefits to having a local lawyer represent you as opposed to some lawyer on TV or a billboard. Our team at Walker Wallace cares about the needs and values of our clients. We make your needs our needs and value the things that are important to you. Today we want to share all of the reasons why you should hire a local law firm for your case.

Reasons to Hire A Local Law Firm

1. Knowledge of the Local Legal Community

Having a legal team on the inside for your case is a huge win for you. Not only does a lawyer’s expertise matter, but knowing how the local legal community works is extremely important.  Familiarity with the courthouse, judges, clerks, and the other lawyers involved in the process is invaluable.   We have been practicing law right here–in the same place–for the past 18 years.  We know the system and the players.

2. Accessibility

Being local means exactly that- locally located. Many of the lawyers that you see on television and on billboards are not located here in Louisville, or even in Kentucky.  Therefore, they are not readily available to you when you need them.  We are not only located in Louisville, but we are right here in the south end.  You can come and visit us whenever you need us, or if you just want to drop by and say hello.

3. Investment in the Local Community

Not only will choosing a local lawyer benefit you, but it will also benefit the community. Hiring a local lawyer versus some out-of-state lawyer is investing back into your community and enriching the growth of businesses where you live, work, and have fun. We all want to see our communities expand and thrive- giving your support and business to local businesses will only help to grow your community.

4. Lower Costs

Many of the out-of-state television and billboard lawyers have a high cost associated with their business.  Remember, advertising isn’t cheap, and the money for all those commercials has to come from somewhere.  In order to pay for all those ads, these lawyers must either handle thousands of cases at once or must charge higher fees.  None of this benefits you.  We don’t spend our resources on television or billboard ads.  We don’t have to.  We have represented the south end of Louisville for almost two decades and the majority of our clients are direct referrals.  Because of this, we can, and often do, charge our clients less.  Call around and compare!

6. Not Having the Right Lawyer May Cost You

Whether you were injured at work or in an auto accident, the results of your case affect the rest of your life. Not having the right lawyer can cost you.  Don’t just settle on a lawyer with the most ads on TV or with his face on the side of most buses.  Do your research.  Ask around.  We think you’ll find out that we are the right choice for you.

No matter your case or situation, Walker Wallace wants to help. We are a team of local lawyers with a combined 44 years of experience who are eager to fight and win your case. From this blog, our hope is that you see and understand the reasons why you should hire a local lawyer for your legal case. If you are in need of legal services today, schedule a free consultation with us.