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Boating safety in Kentucky

Although summer is coming to a close, boating season is still in full swing in Kentucky. The Bluegrass state is home to many popular boating activities, and visitors and natives alike trek to its beautiful state parks all year. Yet boating is also a common cause of tragic accidents, typically arising from operating malfunctions, wrecks and propeller collisions. Although some accidents are inevitable, various organizations and official wildlife and safety departments offer resources to educate the public of proper safety procedures regarding boating.

Criminal acts may also give rise to civil claims

According to WDRB of Louisville, Kentucky, a grand jury indicted a man on July 12, 2017, for the murder of a woman in a DUI-related crash on the Outer Loop in Louisville on May 22, 2017. After the collision, the man was transported to a local hospital and charged with speeding, assault, and DUI.

Fatal car crashes on Dixie Highway

While fatal accidents can occur anywhere, Dixie Highway in Louisville, Kentucky, is known as one of the most dangerous spots for motorists riding any type of vehicle. The high number of deaths makes it vital for drivers to stay alert and defensive, but can also require you to seek legal help if you lose a loved one in a fatal accident. We at Walker Wallace PLC have experience offering compassionate support to those left behind in the event of a deadly collision and can work to ensure that you get the help and compensation you need.

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