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How can you help someone who is crushed?

Kentucky residents like you who work in fields that involve lifting, moving, or being around heavy objects understand that this work can come with an increased crush risk. This can happen anywhere that there are objects large enough to pin a person's body parts. Crush injuries can be extensive and life-threatening, so it's important to know how to properly handle someone who's at risk of suffering from dangerous crush injuries.

Today’s most common construction site injuries

If you work in construction and have ever worked near Valley Station, Shively or other areas along the Dixie Highway in Kentucky, you probably have some idea of the dangers you face due to working near what many call Louisville’s most dangerous road. In addition to dangers posed by motorists, though, you also face unique hazards due to your work within a construction site that can lead to serious injuries and mishaps. At Walker Wallace PLC, we understand how debilitating construction site injuries can be, and we have assisted many construction workers who have suffered injury or illness or lost income because of an on-the-job occurrence.

Who is covered under workers' compensation?

When looking for work in Kentucky, people obviously take care to evaluate the nature of the work they will be doing and the type of compensation they may receive. This compensation may include an hourly wage or salary as well as benefits such as health insurance, retirement account contributions, vacation time and more. However, people should also be aware of their ability to be taken care of in the event that they develop an illness due to a job situation or environment or if they are injured in an accident at work. 

What should you know about workers’ compensation?

If you are a member of the workforce in Kentucky, chances are you are familiar with workers’ compensation. This may be especially true if your job requires significant physical labor, exposure to dangerous conditions or hazardous elements, and the use of heavy industrial or mechanical equipment. Understanding workers’ compensation can greatly benefit you if you are ever injured on the job.

What happens to workers' compensation benefits if I die?

Are you one of the many employees in Kentucky who is receiving workers' compensation benefits for a job-related illness or injury? If so, you know how important this income is to you and your family when you are unable to work in your normal capacity. Even though payments received from workers' compensation may not be as much as what you earned from your job directly, they can help you make ends meet while you heal.

Employee misclassification and work comp benefits

Being injured on the job isn't something that most people give much consideration to when they start their workday. That's usually because they have seemingly more pressing concerns on their minds from checking emails and consulting with supervisors to coordinating delivery schedules and, of course, completing their duties.

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