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What are a biker's biggest risks?

With summer in full swing, many motorcycle enthusiasts around the state are eager to get out and enjoy the open road on two wheels. Riding a motorcycle is a common hobby and means of enjoyment for many people yet bikers must always be on the lookout for potential trouble. Even if they are in the right, when they collide with other vehicles it is the biker who will generally come out worse in the end.

Louisville motorcyclist in critical condition after crash

The Dixie Highway is one of the most dangerous highways in Kentucky, and it can be particularly treacherous for Louisville motorcyclists. A recent, serious crash in the area underscores how important it is for car and truck drivers to stay vigilant for motorcycles.

Recent Outer Loop Motorcycle Accident Highlights Fact That Even When Riders Do Everything Right, They Are At Risk

A recent fatal accident involving a motorcycle being struck by a car on the Outer Loop illustrates the need for motorcycle riders to continue to ride defensively. As most riders know, the best way to keep yourself healthy is to assume that car and truck drivers are not going to operate their vehicles with your safety in mind.

Reviewing statistics on motorcycle crashes

Each year, far too many people pass away or suffer lifelong injuries due to motorcycle wrecks. Sadly, these accidents upend the lives of many people in Kentucky, especially on dangerous roads, such as those found in the South End of Louisville. After a fatal crash, the families of motorcyclists may face permanent emotional devastation and unbearable financial problems due to funeral costs and other challenges. Moreover, those who are injured may face significant physical pain, be unable to work or have trouble paying medical bills.

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