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Teens and distracted driving

Teenagers in the South End of Louisville are typically more susceptible to distractions and dangerous driving conditions than other age groups. Their propensity toward distractions coupled with the dangerous road conditions in Kentucky can be devastating. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that in just one year, more than 3000 people lost their lives as a direct result of distracted driving. Clearly, this epidemic should not be taken lightly. Teenagers in particular should be educated about the potential consequences of not focusing on the road.

Kentucky car accident claims the life of teenage boy

Driving privileges provide many Kentucky motorists with a convenient and reliable way to get from one destination to another. However, it is accompanied by risks that are sometimes unavoidable especially when there are so many people who fail to acknowledge traffic laws or are distracted or intoxicated. Sometimes, the actions of others can cause car accidents that result in serious injury or death.

Post-accident tips for drivers

While most people in Kentucky may take great care to drive defensively and safely but that may not always be enough to prevent them from being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Sadly there remain many drivers who do not stop to think about the consequences of their choices or actions and operate vehicles in careless manners. When an accident does occur, it can be important to know what steps to take.

Local accident leaves one dead in Shively

As residents of Louisville, Kentucky’s South End are aware, the Dixie Highway can be a dangerous place to drive. As WAVE 3 News reports, a recent car accident in Shively left a local man dead from injuries in the crash. He was on foot and was hit while attempting to cross the Dixie Highway, which is four lanes wide. The man was struck at night on April 12, and law enforcement does not expect to file criminal charges against the driver.

Handling your emotions after a car crash

When it comes to motor vehicle accidents, you may be struggling with any number of difficulties. At walker Wallace, we know how upsetting, complicated and stressful life can be following a traffic accident in Louisville. However, you should do your best to remain calm and carefully approach your circumstances, especially if you are preparing to head to court.

Can you encourage your teen driver not to text while driving?

Texting and driving, while seemingly harmless to some, can quickly cause destruction that leads to severe injuries or death. If you have a teenage driver in your home, chances are you have already experienced a growing concern about protecting your child from the dangers of using his or her phone while driving. Fortunately, there are preventative steps you can take to discourage this careless and dangerous behavior.

Warning: Aggressive drivers risk lives

People who have felt the tension and anger of being stuck in traffic may have experienced road rage to a certain extent. In fact, road rage is extremely common among Kentucky drivers, as well as motorists across the United States. According to AAA, eight out of 10 drivers admit to having aggressive behaviors while on the road. These negligent drivers engage in reckless driving behaviors that put the lives of other motorists and people at risk. Aggressive drivers cause serious car accidents, which may result in injury and death of innocent people. Approximately half of all traffic fatalities involve aggressive drivers, and men are three times more likely to be aggressive on the road than women.

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