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How can you help someone who is crushed?

Kentucky residents like you who work in fields that involve lifting, moving, or being around heavy objects understand that this work can come with an increased crush risk. This can happen anywhere that there are objects large enough to pin a person's body parts. Crush injuries can be extensive and life-threatening, so it's important to know how to properly handle someone who's at risk of suffering from dangerous crush injuries.

Medline Plus states that first aid for crush-related injuries including elevating whatever has been crushed so that it's above heart-level, if possible, and applying a bandage or wet cloth. This will help to reduce swelling, which can cause other complications. If you're dealing with a crush injury that's caused bleeding, applying direct pressure to the wound to get it to stop bleeding is also a first step.

You should only move the victim if you don't believe that they have any damage to the neck, head or spine. Damage to these areas can be worsened through sudden or improper movements. It should also be noted that only medical professionals should try to extract someone if the majority of their body has been pinned, as this can cause certain toxins to build up within the body that can be released and cause the victim suffering and potentially death if they're released improperly.

Crush injuries can be frightening no matter how much of the body they take up, or how severe they are. Quick and proper handling of the situation will help to prevent permanent damages from being obtained.

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