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Today’s most common construction site injuries

If you work in construction and have ever worked near Valley Station, Shively or other areas along the Dixie Highway in Kentucky, you probably have some idea of the dangers you face due to working near what many call Louisville’s most dangerous road. In addition to dangers posed by motorists, though, you also face unique hazards due to your work within a construction site that can lead to serious injuries and mishaps. At Walker Wallace PLC, we understand how debilitating construction site injuries can be, and we have assisted many construction workers who have suffered injury or illness or lost income because of an on-the-job occurrence.

According to Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, you run the risk of a head injury as a construction worker, and as you might imagine, your risk level rises considerably if you do not don proper headgear. Serious blows to the head caused by falling objects, tools and so on can lead to traumatic brain injuries, and the effects of those can prove devastating and lifelong.

Scaffolding and ladders also cause many construction site injuries, and spinal cord injuries can be an unfortunate result of serious falls. Burns are also among the major risks you face in your line of work, and your risk level increases if you work around electronic equipment, power lines, exposed wires and the like. Broken bones and cuts and lacerations are also among the most common work-related injuries and illnesses suffered by today’s construction workers, as are several conditions affecting the senses.

Working regularly around loud machinery places you at risk for hearing loss, and again, this is particularly true if you or your place of employment does not follow proper safety protocols. Wearing earplugs, for example, can considerably lower your risk of experiencing hearing loss. Vision loss, too, can occur due to exposure or the improper handling of gases or chemicals that might be at your construction site. More about work-related injuries and illnesses is available on our web page.


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