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Texting while driving on Dixie Highway may prove fatal

Dixie Highway in Louisville, Kentucky is no stranger to fatal accidents. The causes of the accidents can vary greatly, but excess speed and distracted driving may often be contributing factors.

A recent accident on Dixie Highway resulted in the death of a 30-year old woman whose vehicle collided into the rear of a semi-truck. While authorities may never know for sure exactly what caused the tragedy, it may have involved speeding. An apparent lack of braking may also suggest that the driver may have been distracted, as well.

Distracted driving and speeding can each increase the chances of a vehicular collision causing injury or death and the combination even more so. Texting while driving can distract a driver from safely operating his or her vehicle. However, the Courier-Journal reports that enforcement of Kentucky’s existing laws against texting and driving remains difficult, as a practical matter.

One Kentucky state trooper suggests that the law’s lack of specificity may be to blame because it does not expressly outlaw playing app games or dialing a phone number. People using a GPS app, which is intended to be used in the car, are also in danger of being dangerously distracted, but that activity is not expressly illegal.

Many times, a court may dismiss charges against a driver for texting while operating a vehicle when the motorist claims to have been looking up a phone number and not texting. However, savvy law enforcement, when spotting a driver with his or head tilted downward for a suspiciously long time period, can write a ticket for careless driving. Proof of messaging is not required for a conviction of careless driving. However, the strategy is not as foolproof as hoped because judges interpret careless driving laws differently than prosecutors, and convictions are far from certain.

One thing is clear. Technology, when it comes to cellphone and smart devices, is moving at a faster pace than the law, and that disparity may continue to result in unsafe roadways, including perilous Dixie Highway.


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