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Most car accidents are single-car-crashes

As residents of the Lousiville South End know, the Dixie Highway is considered one of the most dangerous roads to drive in Kentucky. However, the real threat is staring back in the rear-view mirror.

As WTOP reports, a study by AAA found that the majority of fatal car crashes are solo accidents. In fact, 55 percent of fatal crashes across the country do not involve another vehicle. These accidents can include drivers who were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, distracted, fell asleep at the wheel, were speeding or crashed due to poor weather conditions. Many of the fatal accidents come from a car rolling over, 20 percent of all deadly crashes, even though only three percent of all total crashes include a car rolling at all. Single-car accidents also include cars that hit pedestrians or cyclists, and also vehicles that run into an object such as a vehicle or pole.

Despite the fact that a driver's own error is most likely to lead to a fatality, most drivers fear the others on the road. In fact, 96 percent of all drivers worry that they will be killed by a driver running a red light and crashing into them. Another concern amongst the majority of drivers, 86 percent, is that a distracted driver will hit them. These aren't completely unfounded fears. According to Everquote, Inc., which studied trips with their safe-driving app, 41 percent of trips Kentucky drivers made included at least one distracted driving incidence with a smartphone. Speeding was reported on 33 percent of the trips made in Kentucky.

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