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August 2017 Archives

Today’s most common construction site injuries

If you work in construction and have ever worked near Valley Station, Shively or other areas along the Dixie Highway in Kentucky, you probably have some idea of the dangers you face due to working near what many call Louisville’s most dangerous road. In addition to dangers posed by motorists, though, you also face unique hazards due to your work within a construction site that can lead to serious injuries and mishaps. At Walker Wallace PLC, we understand how debilitating construction site injuries can be, and we have assisted many construction workers who have suffered injury or illness or lost income because of an on-the-job occurrence.

Boating safety in Kentucky

Although summer is coming to a close, boating season is still in full swing in Kentucky. The Bluegrass state is home to many popular boating activities, and visitors and natives alike trek to its beautiful state parks all year. Yet boating is also a common cause of tragic accidents, typically arising from operating malfunctions, wrecks and propeller collisions. Although some accidents are inevitable, various organizations and official wildlife and safety departments offer resources to educate the public of proper safety procedures regarding boating.

Unsafe actions from any driver could cause truck accidents

As a traveler on Dixie Highway, you may have fears of being involved in a serious accident. In particular, the possibility for truck accidents may have you feeling apprehensive. Many individuals understand this feeling, as these incidents do occur regularly on roadways across the country and can often lead to severe injuries for those involved.

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