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What are a biker's biggest risks?

With summer in full swing, many motorcycle enthusiasts around the state are eager to get out and enjoy the open road on two wheels. Riding a motorcycle is a common hobby and means of enjoyment for many people yet bikers must always be on the lookout for potential trouble. Even if they are in the right, when they collide with other vehicles it is the biker who will generally come out worse in the end.

Autos CheatSheet identifies the top 10 dangers that bikers face on the road and five of those come in the form of other drivers. One of these risks is something that bicyclists often have to contend with as well and that is the opening of a parked car door. Cars may be parked on the side of a road and a motorcyclist may innocently and safely be travelling by but if the person in the vehicle is not aware, that door could open in the path of the biker.

Other common situations in which motorcyclists may be hit by drivers of cars or trucks include when those drivers are distracted and hit a biker head on by veering into the oncoming lane of traffic. When turning in an intersections, bikers should be conscious of drivers who may not be paying attention to them and who may proceed with their turns when they really shouldn't. Rear-end accidents and collisions caused by cars that don't see bikers when changing lanes are also problems.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to give Kentucky motorcyclists an idea of the number and type of risks they face when on the roads that are out of their control.

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