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Some say Dixie Highway is a die-way

There's a road in Kentucky that many people are afraid to travel. Their fears are apparently not unfounded as 16 fatalities have occurred in collisions along this particular highway. In addition to these tragedies, hundreds of others have suffered injuries in vehicular crashes on Dixie Highway. Residents say the southern stretch of the road is the most dangerous part. Accidents are so frequent here that some say it's not uncommon for them to arrive home to find glass and debris strewn everywhere from collisions.

Motorists aren't the only ones fearing for their lives in the Dixie Highway region. Pedestrians are also at great risk because there are no sidewalks or medians to keep them safe from traffic. Residents, business owners and local council members have met to discuss what changes can be made to improve the situation.

Is the proposed solution faulty?

To improve road safety, as well as drive new business to the area, officials and residents proposed a new $50 million project. There's only one problem, however. The southern part of the roadway (the most dangerous part) was not included in the proposed safety upgrades. Concerned parties on the southern end of town say they are frustrated because official decision-makers don't seem to take their needs into account. They suggest the following improvements to make traveling the highway much safer:

  • Bicycle lanes
  • Separate turning lanes
  • Street lights
  • Sidewalks
  • Medians

Since these items were not included in the recently proposed $50 million plan, it would likely necessitate additional funding to bring such ideas to fruition. Some people wonder how many accidents must occur and how many lives must be lost before adequate changes and upgrades are made. In the meantime, people need to know where to turn for support if they are injured or suffer the untimely death of a loved one in a Dixie Highway collision.

Aside from obtaining appropriate medical attention in the immediate aftermath of a car accident, it's also appropriate to call upon an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss insurance matters and/or possible claims to pursue compensation for damages in relation to a particular incident. An attorney can provide strong support and help an accident victim in his or her pursuit of full recovery for all economic losses, as well as compensation for damages, including emotional pain and suffering and physical injury.

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