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Get a legal slugger to bat for you after a Louisville truck crash

The good people of Louisville know how fortunate they are to live where they do. There's a great sense of community in the neighborhoods, but there's also all the big city amenities and infrastructure available to all.

With all the shops, services and industry, however, comes a lot of traffic. In particular, the entire Louisville region sees a large volume of commercial trucks. Though they are necessary to keep the wheels of commerce turning, trucks can present a danger to other motorists when operators do not exercise caution, or follow proper procedures. 

Truck accidents happen regularly in Kentucky

There are more than 160,000 commercial vehicles registered in Kentucky. Additionally, numerous out-of-state vehicles roll through the area on a regular basis. Although most trucks come and go without incident, there are many accidents involving commercial trucks. 

In 2015, collisions involving nearly 10,000 large trucks occurred in Kentucky. Of those, 108 were in fatal accidents, and 1,498 were in crashes that caused non-fatal injuries. More than 2,000 people suffered injuries in truck crashes in 2015.

Collisions can happen close to home 

The communities of Shively, Pleasure Ridge Park and Valley Station have no shortage of roads and highways. Unfortunately, the two Interstates that service the area see a large proportion of the accidents in Kentucky. On the I-264 alone, 405 people suffered injuries in 1,749 accidents in 2015.

What causes large truck accidents? 

Because of their weight (by definition, a truck is at least 10,000 pounds), trucks represent a significant threat to passenger vehicles. Many contributing factors may be involved in a large truck collision. Some of the most common are: 

  • Tire failure
  • Improperly secured load
  • Distracted/inattentive driving
  • Drive fatigue
  • Excessive speed

Seeking compensation after your large truck accident

Injuries suffered in a collision with a big truck are often severe. Some injuries may even be permanently life altering such as brain and spinal cord injuries. Victims may find it difficult to return to work and earn a living. A loss of income coupled with ongoing health care costs can be financially crippling.

Trying to exact reasonable compensation from a trucking company, however, can be difficult. They come to the table with lawyers and insurers, none of whom will give up a penny they don't need to. For that reason, your best bet may be to join sides with a tenacious local lawyer. A lawyer who knows your community, and who has a record of success with truck accident claims may be the teammate you need to score a well-deserved settlement.

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