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May 2017 Archives

Louisville motorcyclist in critical condition after crash

The Dixie Highway is one of the most dangerous highways in Kentucky, and it can be particularly treacherous for Louisville motorcyclists. A recent, serious crash in the area underscores how important it is for car and truck drivers to stay vigilant for motorcycles.

Can you encourage your teen driver not to text while driving?

Texting and driving, while seemingly harmless to some, can quickly cause destruction that leads to severe injuries or death. If you have a teenage driver in your home, chances are you have already experienced a growing concern about protecting your child from the dangers of using his or her phone while driving. Fortunately, there are preventative steps you can take to discourage this careless and dangerous behavior.

What should you know about workers’ compensation?

If you are a member of the workforce in Kentucky, chances are you are familiar with workers’ compensation. This may be especially true if your job requires significant physical labor, exposure to dangerous conditions or hazardous elements, and the use of heavy industrial or mechanical equipment. Understanding workers’ compensation can greatly benefit you if you are ever injured on the job.

What happens to workers' compensation benefits if I die?

Are you one of the many employees in Kentucky who is receiving workers' compensation benefits for a job-related illness or injury? If so, you know how important this income is to you and your family when you are unable to work in your normal capacity. Even though payments received from workers' compensation may not be as much as what you earned from your job directly, they can help you make ends meet while you heal.

Recent Outer Loop Motorcycle Accident Highlights Fact That Even When Riders Do Everything Right, They Are At Risk

A recent fatal accident involving a motorcycle being struck by a car on the Outer Loop illustrates the need for motorcycle riders to continue to ride defensively. As most riders know, the best way to keep yourself healthy is to assume that car and truck drivers are not going to operate their vehicles with your safety in mind.

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