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April 2017 Archives

Warning: Aggressive drivers risk lives

People who have felt the tension and anger of being stuck in traffic may have experienced road rage to a certain extent. In fact, road rage is extremely common among Kentucky drivers, as well as motorists across the United States. According to AAA, eight out of 10 drivers admit to having aggressive behaviors while on the road. These negligent drivers engage in reckless driving behaviors that put the lives of other motorists and people at risk. Aggressive drivers cause serious car accidents, which may result in injury and death of innocent people. Approximately half of all traffic fatalities involve aggressive drivers, and men are three times more likely to be aggressive on the road than women.

A brief look at truck crash statistics

Every day, people are involved in traffic accidents across the country. From pedestrian accidents to motorcycle collisions, these incidents take a variety of forms. Tragically, crashes that involve a large truck are especially likely to result in the loss of life or a significant injury in Louisville, Kentucky, and all over the U.S. Between the massive size of semi trucks and the length of time that is often required to a truck driver to slow down, the outcome of a large truck wreck is often devastating.

Defensive driving on Dixie 'Die-way'

While car accidents can occur anywhere and at any time, for a variety of reasons, residents of Louisville are probably acutely aware of the heightened risks of driving on Dixie Highway. In fact, you may even be familiar with the nickname local residents have given it for its infamous reputation: "Dixie 'Die-way'." Though officials claim that they are working to make the dark, narrow roads safer for drivers, is there anything you can do in the meantime to protect yourself and your loved ones?

Reviewing the legal BAC limit for truck drivers

The dangers posed by drivers traveling along the Dixie Highway are well-documented. Imagine how much more dangerous a driver may become if he or she is driving while under the influence of alcohol. Combine that with the vehicle that he or she is operating being a semi-truck or tractor-trailer, and the potential for a devastating accident can be very high.

Reviewing statistics on motorcycle crashes

Each year, far too many people pass away or suffer lifelong injuries due to motorcycle wrecks. Sadly, these accidents upend the lives of many people in Kentucky, especially on dangerous roads, such as those found in the South End of Louisville. After a fatal crash, the families of motorcyclists may face permanent emotional devastation and unbearable financial problems due to funeral costs and other challenges. Moreover, those who are injured may face significant physical pain, be unable to work or have trouble paying medical bills.

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