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What are some dangers on the Dixie Highway?

Residents of Louisville are likely aware of how dangerous the Dixie Highway can be. We here at Walker Wallace PLC Attorneys wish to give you some potential sources of danger to keep an eye out for. In doing so, you may reduce your risk of getting into a serious crash.

First of all, be aware of the fact that dangers can result from a number of different areas. Some of them may be expected, but some may take you by surprise. Distracted drivers pose one of the most common threats, for example. Whether they are on their phone, talking to passengers, or paying attention to a GPS instead of the road, they could easily end up taking you out in their carelessness. This is especially true if they are traveling along a stretch of road in which they are not clearly visible to you.

Pedestrians who run across sidewalks, crosswalks or streets without protection can be a hazard. Darting out suddenly in front of your vehicle can lead to accidents that neither you or the pedestrian could have predicted. You may even deal with trouble from public transportation vehicles like taxis or buses. These can be especially troublesome, as buses are likely larger than your vehicle and taxi drivers may have an incentive to rush due to the financial nature of their job.

If you would like to read more about traversing dangerous roads and handling the possibility of car accidents, please visit our web page. You will find more help and support there that might be able to get you through these troubling times in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

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