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You have no doubt heard advertisements for do-it-yourself document services like LegalZoom. These promise that making or will or setting up a company is as easy as filling in blanks on a few online forms. I must admit that this sounds great. To think that you could get a will completed or start up a new business in as little as 30 minutes without having to leave your house!

The primary problem, of course, is that although you can certainly generate a document that looks like a will or a lease or articles of incorporation using LegalZoom, there is no assurance that any of these would do what you would expect it to do.  And, if you are concerned that the document you just created using LegalZoom is legitimate, don't ask LegalZoom. Just look at the disclaimer that LegalZoom uses: https://www.legalzoom.com/disclaimer.html. Not only does LegalZoom admit that the documents it generates are not reviewed for "legal sufficiency," it also attempts to completely limit its liability to the user for problems that its documents might create. Now, no lawyer that I have ever met gives his client a disclaimer before preparing a will (or for any other service). Simply put, lawyers are on the hook for the advice they give and documents they prepare. So, in order for you to be assured that your LegalZoom created document actually works, you probably need to get it reviewed by a lawyer. Where is the savings in that?

For better or worse, the law is complicated. Wills, corporate formation documents, deeds, leases, trusts, and the other documents that LegalZoom sells are only meaningful if they actually work for you. Save yourself the headache. Call a local lawyer. Have a meeting and a cup of coffee. Discuss your goals.

Most people think that meeting with a lawyer and having documents prepared is extremely expensive. You may be surprised that our document services, from soup to nuts, start at $50.00. To see what we can do for you, give us a call.

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