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Texting while driving on Dixie Highway may prove fatal

Dixie Highway in Louisville, Kentucky is no stranger to fatal accidents. The causes of the accidents can vary greatly, but excess speed and distracted driving may often be contributing factors.

A recent accident on Dixie Highway resulted in the death of a 30-year old woman whose vehicle collided into the rear of a semi-truck. While authorities may never know for sure exactly what caused the tragedy, it may have involved speeding. An apparent lack of braking may also suggest that the driver may have been distracted, as well.

Distracted driving and speeding can each increase the chances of a vehicular collision causing injury or death and the combination even more so. Texting while driving can distract a driver from safely operating his or her vehicle. However, the Courier-Journal reports that enforcement of Kentucky’s existing laws against texting and driving remains difficult, as a practical matter.

Most car accidents are single-car-crashes

As residents of the Lousiville South End know, the Dixie Highway is considered one of the most dangerous roads to drive in Kentucky. However, the real threat is staring back in the rear-view mirror.

As WTOP reports, a study by AAA found that the majority of fatal car crashes are solo accidents. In fact, 55 percent of fatal crashes across the country do not involve another vehicle. These accidents can include drivers who were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, distracted, fell asleep at the wheel, were speeding or crashed due to poor weather conditions. Many of the fatal accidents come from a car rolling over, 20 percent of all deadly crashes, even though only three percent of all total crashes include a car rolling at all. Single-car accidents also include cars that hit pedestrians or cyclists, and also vehicles that run into an object such as a vehicle or pole.

Who is covered under workers' compensation?

When looking for work in Kentucky, people obviously take care to evaluate the nature of the work they will be doing and the type of compensation they may receive. This compensation may include an hourly wage or salary as well as benefits such as health insurance, retirement account contributions, vacation time and more. However, people should also be aware of their ability to be taken care of in the event that they develop an illness due to a job situation or environment or if they are injured in an accident at work. 

According to the Kentucky Department of Workers' Claims, the definition of who is considered an employee eligible for workers' compensation is rather broad. Both private and public employers are required to provide this type of coverage if they have even only one employee. This includes school districts, public utilities, counties, municipalities and the state.

Truck Accidents

Many Kentucky motorists may find themselves sharing the road with large trucks. To this end, knowing the proper steps when driving around trucks is crucial to make safety a top priority. While you can’t always prevent an accident from happening, you can reduce the chances of a serious injury from occurring.

That’s why Nationwide recommends the following tips to drivers, including tips for passing large trucks. In this case, you should maintain a consistent speed while also making sure not to exceed the speed limit in the process. Always pass on the left side of a truck, and check to make sure you have ample room to properly perform the procedure.

Building a claim for benefits after a construction site accident

Construction sites are inherently dangerous, and individuals who work in this field face certain risks every time they show up at work. However, these risks do not diminish the fact that these men and women still have the right to a workplace that is reasonably safe and free from unnecessary hazards.

If you are a construction worker in the south end area of Louisville, you know how dangerous it can be when site accidents happen. If you suffer an injury, you do not have to deal with the aftermath on your own. You may seek compensation for your medical needs and other accident-related losses.

Criminal acts may also give rise to civil claims

According to WDRB of Louisville, Kentucky, a grand jury indicted a man on July 12, 2017, for the murder of a woman in a DUI-related crash on the Outer Loop in Louisville on May 22, 2017. After the collision, the man was transported to a local hospital and charged with speeding, assault, and DUI.

Just two days after the crash, WLKY-TV reported that the woman is survived by two children. At the time of her death, she was engaged to be married.

Fatal car crashes on Dixie Highway

While fatal accidents can occur anywhere, Dixie Highway in Louisville, Kentucky, is known as one of the most dangerous spots for motorists riding any type of vehicle. The high number of deaths makes it vital for drivers to stay alert and defensive, but can also require you to seek legal help if you lose a loved one in a fatal accident. We at Walker Wallace PLC have experience offering compassionate support to those left behind in the event of a deadly collision and can work to ensure that you get the help and compensation you need.


Kentucky car accident claims the life of teenage boy

Driving privileges provide many Kentucky motorists with a convenient and reliable way to get from one destination to another. However, it is accompanied by risks that are sometimes unavoidable especially when there are so many people who fail to acknowledge traffic laws or are distracted or intoxicated. Sometimes, the actions of others can cause car accidents that result in serious injury or death.

For one group of Kentucky teenagers, a midnight drive turned deadly when the driver accidentally ran the vehicle off of the road. Inside of the car were three juveniles. Two of the teens were wearing their seatbelts, but one of the teenagers was not and was ejected from the vehicle when it crashed.

Some say Dixie Highway is a die-way

There's a road in Kentucky that many people are afraid to travel. Their fears are apparently not unfounded as 16 fatalities have occurred in collisions along this particular highway. In addition to these tragedies, hundreds of others have suffered injuries in vehicular crashes on Dixie Highway. Residents say the southern stretch of the road is the most dangerous part. Accidents are so frequent here that some say it's not uncommon for them to arrive home to find glass and debris strewn everywhere from collisions.

Motorists aren't the only ones fearing for their lives in the Dixie Highway region. Pedestrians are also at great risk because there are no sidewalks or medians to keep them safe from traffic. Residents, business owners and local council members have met to discuss what changes can be made to improve the situation.

What are a biker's biggest risks?

With summer in full swing, many motorcycle enthusiasts around the state are eager to get out and enjoy the open road on two wheels. Riding a motorcycle is a common hobby and means of enjoyment for many people yet bikers must always be on the lookout for potential trouble. Even if they are in the right, when they collide with other vehicles it is the biker who will generally come out worse in the end.

Autos CheatSheet identifies the top 10 dangers that bikers face on the road and five of those come in the form of other drivers. One of these risks is something that bicyclists often have to contend with as well and that is the opening of a parked car door. Cars may be parked on the side of a road and a motorcyclist may innocently and safely be travelling by but if the person in the vehicle is not aware, that door could open in the path of the biker.

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